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PE / PPA Cover

Activating Children in Schools

Flexible packages to meet your schools needs!

Team Work.heic

A good PE / PPA provider can make a huge difference to your school and have a big impact on your children! A good PE / PPA provider should

  • Improve Focus

  • Develop Physical Fitness

  • Cognitive Development

  • Promote Confidence and Wellbeing
    & Much More!

PE Curriculum

We deliver fully qualified sports coaching within schools to maximise the impact you can have within your PE timetables and get the most out of your sports premium.

PPA Cover

Supporting your teachers giving valuable time away from their class to plan, prepare and review whilst we engage in fun sports sessions for all abilities!

Why Choose Core?


You can guarantee dedication and care from all Core staff 


We can tailor all packages to suit the needs of your setting

Great Value

Maximising your Sports Premium or alternative funding

Plan & Review

All session plans and reviews can be used for Ofsted and parents evenings

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